The Yarra Valley, located less than an hour's drive from Melbourne, offers quality local food and wine, stunning scenery, romantic accommodations, and adventurous activities.

Yarra Valley

Please learn Healesville Sanctuary by travelling with us on Yarra Valley tours from Melbourne.

Wild about wildlife

Visitors can observe the mimicry of a Lyrebird and the movements of a wombat while exploring untouched forests, which serve as a refuge for native birds and animals.

Healesville Sanctuary offers walk-through exhibits and 'meet the keeper' sessions where visitors can see native creatures up close. At the Healesville Animal Hospital, sick and orphaned animals receive care.

Discover Australian wildlife in the bush

Visitors can explore peaceful trails and encounter over 200 species of Australian animals, including iconic creatures like koalas, kangaroos, platypus, dingoes, wombats, and emus in their natural habitat.

Experience the Spirits of the Sky presentation at Healesville Sanctuary, a popular free show that showcases the beauty and power of birds flying. Don't miss the platypus presentation, Tank Talk, where you can interact with these iconic creatures. Visit the Australian Wildlife Health Centre at the sanctuary, known for saving endangered Australian species. Explore Koala Forest and Kangaroo Country for a chance see koalas, kangaroies, tree kangaroies, and wombats.

Not to be missed


  • Witness the majestic flight of parrots and birds of prey in the sky.
  • Tank Talk is a unique presentation showcasing the playful nature of the platypus, where visitors can watch them roll, dive, and tumble in their tank.
  • Visitors to Land of Parrots can enjoy feeding nectar to our friendly parrots, which may land on your arm.
  • At Keeper Talks, visitors can learn about the relationships between our keepers and animals and the care provided to our furry, fluffy, and scaly friends. Times and locations are indicated on our map.
  • The Australian Wildlife Health Centre guests can learn about the veterinary team's efforts to save wildlife and care for animals at Healesville Sanctuary.
  • Children can receive their mission at Fighting Extinction HQ and work towards playing a role in fighting extinction.


Something extra

Yarra Valley tours from Melbourne

  • Visitors can have close encounters with various Australian animals, such as koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, and pythons, and learn about them from knowledgeable keepers.
  • Visitors can interact with platypuses in our hands-on play pool at Wade.
  • The Australian Wildlife Experience tour offers opportunities to see native wildlife up close, including koalas and kangaroos. Guests will also have VIP seating at the Spirits of the Sky bird show.


Children under 16 are eligible for free entry on weekends, Victorian Government school holidays, and public holidays.